Administrative Assistant


Responsibilities, Duties & Roles of An Administrative Assistant

As an administrative assistant, you will have a variety of responsibilities, duties, and roles within the office including but not limited to effective planning, prioritizing, and executing tasks in a timely manner.

  • Draft letters or emails, reports, spreadsheets, and other documents. 
  • Schedule and book meetings, either for Partners or Management with extremely active calendars.
  • Manage all marketing event schedules.
  • Create, edit, and maintain social media platforms
  • They will need to answer and direct external parties to the appropriate internal resource, whether by telephone, in-person, or email.
  • Organize files and keep records related to the office
  • They will need to book flights, accommodation, and other travel requirements for employees.
  • Supervise and train other office support staff, including additional administrative assistants, receptionists, or secretaries.